Heavenly Fire Salsa 5 Spicy Levels of Heat Chart

Heavenly Fire Salsa: Sangre de Drago, Hottest: Hottest and Most Favorable of our line of Salsas

Sangre de Drago, Hottest: What can we say? Sangre de Drago (Blood of the Dragon in Spanish) is at once the hottest and most flavorful of our line of salsas. The unique concentration of our chili peppers results in a seriously intense flavor experience. Because we use some of the most exotic chilis in the world, all of which are mesquite smoked and then combined in a propriety blend, Sangre de Drago possesses subtle and complex flavors that combine hints of coco, floral and citrus essences and finishes with a gradual heat that inspires oaths of wonder and astonishment as the heat slowly from the back of the palate to a level of spice that is at once torrid, sassy, seductive and addictive.

Heavenly Fire Salsa, Oh My Goodness! Hotter: A true "hot" salsa, with a robust smoky flavor

Oh My Goodness! Hotter: Oh My Goodness! Need you say more? This salsa is a true "hot" salsa, with a robust smoky flavor profile and heat that is at once penetrating and uplifting, it is sure to inspire the pepper head to utter its namesake, O M G!!! This salsa is sure to please the hot sauce fanatic in your circle as the jalapeno level spiciness is quick to rise on the mid palate region of your taste buds but doesn't linger endlessly, fading after just a few minutes inviting the consumer to indulge in repeated rounds of pleasure and pain, the kind that gourmands and devotees of capsicum treasure!

Heavenly Fire Salsa, Holy Smoke Hot: The perfect synergy between spice and flavor

Holy Smoke Hot: Holy Smoke is our flagship salsa. Bold and flavorful, this salsa offers the best of all possible worlds. Possessed of a true umami flavor profile, combining sweet, sour, salty, bitter and brothy, Heavenly proudly boasts a heat level that is sure to satisfy the salsa aficionado’s craving for spice while not overwhelming the taste buds. All elements that make Heavenly Fire Salsa the premier craft salsa can be found in Holy Smoke, with its delicate balance of smoke and spice. this salsa is sure to please the most discriminating palate!

Heavenly Fire Salsa, Hip Tang Maneuver Medium: Medium Heat with a Moderate Level of Spiciness

Hip Tang Maneuver Medium: We created our medium salsa with the notion of providing our customers with a delicious salsa with a moderate level of spiciness. Made with the same ingredients as our mild salsa, the slight increase in spiciness had the serendipitous effect of highlighting the delightfully fresh and lively lime flavor. Bright and refreshing Hip Tang Maneuver got its name from an episode of Top Chef celebrity food judge Dr. John appeared on the show. Dr. John informed the contestants that they were to create a hot sauce for the quick-fire challenge, and he expected them to attempt a hip maneuver but that their creations should have a certain tang, a flavor nicety if they wanted his approval. I took his inspirational speech and called our medium Hip Tang Maneuver to highlight its delightful citrus flavor nicety!

Heavenly Fire Salsa, Mild: Sunny with a Chance of Salsa: For Folks with Sensitive Palates to Enjoy

Heavenly Fire Salsa, Sunny With A Chance of Salsa Mild: Our mild salsa was conceived with the idea that everybody should be able to enjoy our salsa, even folks with sensitive palates. Made with handpicked fresh vegetables and lovingly crafted to ensure and unrivaled taste experience, the mesquite smoke gives our authentic southwest inspired salsa a deliciously fresh flavor with only the barest hint of spice and is ideally suited for folks who think ketchup is spicy.

Heavenly Fire Salsa is an artisan-crafted, small batch gourmet salsa, loaded with only healthy, fresh, ingredients in five distinct grades with one unique flavor profile. Each of the five salsas contain a combination of Jalapeños, Habaneros, Bhut Jolokia (ghost peppers), Scorpion Peppers, and Carolina Reaper Peppers, along with tomatoes, lime, cilantro, onion, bell peppers, and spices. The different heat levels are created by adjusting the ratio of hot peppers at each level to create salsas that are mild to wild. As soon as you crack open the jar you get this rich, smoky aroma, and can smell a good amount of cumin, and fresh peppers. The unrivaled taste experience is a result of handpicked ingredients and our proprietary all-natural mesquite smoking process.

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